Saturday, November 22, 2008

Four Night Crusade

The Crusade began on Tuesday night on a soccer field in Monrovia. During the service there was a group from our church that ministered in song and Sis. LaVerne greeted the crowd. There were hundreds of people there that first night. Pastor Wilmoth and Bro. Brandon preached about faith and the people's faith was increased and 57 people received the gift of the Holy Ghost and many claimed healing!

Wednesday night we had another powerful service and the crowd began to increase. Once again a group from our team ministered in song. Bro. Garza and Bro. Brandon preached about miracles. There were 319 people that received the Holy Ghost. Many people claimed healing of many sicknesses and pain. One after another people got up an proclaimed there healing. We were able to document some of the healings on paper and video. Thank you Jesus for healing!

Thursday night during our service it began to sprinkle, the clouds above were black and we knew that any moment the rain was going to be poured out. The worship service was stopped for a time of prayer and God answered our prayers. The rain drops stopped and we proceeded with our service. A young deaf man was filled with the Holy Ghost during the altar time, speaking in tongues just the same as every other person. While he was praying he began to speak out his prayers as clearly as any other person would speak, the amazing thing is that he doesn't know how to speak and he had never done that before. God is so good. There were 609 people filled with the Holy Ghost! At the conclusion of the altar time the rain began to slowly come down. We were able to get loaded up in the truck before the rain started coming down harder. Thank God for being faithful to answer our prayers!!!

Friday the crowd seemed to multiply with thousands of people in attendance. This night each of Liberia Missions team members got a chance to testify. Once again Pastor and Bro. Brandon preached a powerful message. The missions team went out into the crowd and laid hands on the people believing God to do great things. Once again there was another deaf person filled with the Holy Ghost. Many people received healing and God poured out His Spirit and 1,018 people received the Holy Ghost!

There was a total of 2003 people that received the Holy Ghost during the crusade in Monrovia. We give God all the glory for the souls that were changed during this crusade and for the numerous healings that took place.

All we can say is "Thank you Jesus!"

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