Saturday, November 22, 2008

Four Night Crusade

The Crusade began on Tuesday night on a soccer field in Monrovia. During the service there was a group from our church that ministered in song and Sis. LaVerne greeted the crowd. There were hundreds of people there that first night. Pastor Wilmoth and Bro. Brandon preached about faith and the people's faith was increased and 57 people received the gift of the Holy Ghost and many claimed healing!

Wednesday night we had another powerful service and the crowd began to increase. Once again a group from our team ministered in song. Bro. Garza and Bro. Brandon preached about miracles. There were 319 people that received the Holy Ghost. Many people claimed healing of many sicknesses and pain. One after another people got up an proclaimed there healing. We were able to document some of the healings on paper and video. Thank you Jesus for healing!

Thursday night during our service it began to sprinkle, the clouds above were black and we knew that any moment the rain was going to be poured out. The worship service was stopped for a time of prayer and God answered our prayers. The rain drops stopped and we proceeded with our service. A young deaf man was filled with the Holy Ghost during the altar time, speaking in tongues just the same as every other person. While he was praying he began to speak out his prayers as clearly as any other person would speak, the amazing thing is that he doesn't know how to speak and he had never done that before. God is so good. There were 609 people filled with the Holy Ghost! At the conclusion of the altar time the rain began to slowly come down. We were able to get loaded up in the truck before the rain started coming down harder. Thank God for being faithful to answer our prayers!!!

Friday the crowd seemed to multiply with thousands of people in attendance. This night each of Liberia Missions team members got a chance to testify. Once again Pastor and Bro. Brandon preached a powerful message. The missions team went out into the crowd and laid hands on the people believing God to do great things. Once again there was another deaf person filled with the Holy Ghost. Many people received healing and God poured out His Spirit and 1,018 people received the Holy Ghost!

There was a total of 2003 people that received the Holy Ghost during the crusade in Monrovia. We give God all the glory for the souls that were changed during this crusade and for the numerous healings that took place.

All we can say is "Thank you Jesus!"


When we got to the headquarters church Sunday the 9th, Sis. Monju, the "mutha" interpreter for the deaf church, and Sis. Emily, a deaf Sister, were waiting upstairs. Sis. Josie had shared with her that some interpreters, myself, Rose, and Heidi, were coming. She was so excited to meet us. She wanted her interpreters to be able to learn more sign from us, also she hoped her deaf students would be blessed abundantly during the crusade.

I met some of the deaf people at the end of Wed. night at the crusade.They are such beautiful people, so very hungry to learn and to understand God's word. They reminded me of little baby birds just waiting to be fed. They each had to get my attention to tell me there name and eager to learn mine. We had been so busy we were not able to connect about me interpreting for the deaf there at the crusade. God's timing is perfect though. I was blessed with the opportunity to interpret for them Thurs. night, Fri. night, and Sunday morning. Two of them received the Holy Ghost...Praise the Lord!! They do not hold back when they pray, just so trustingly hand everything over to the Lord.Friday morning I was thankful God gave me the opportunity to teach at the deaf school! Heidi also was able to go. She was such an help.We signed for them "Shout with a voice of triumph". I taught on " You can" using Phil1:6 and the story of Helen Keller in which Heidi contributed some valuable information. Just because they were deaf did not mean they could not do anything in their own personal lives or for the Lord. Maybe they could become teachers, preachers, or evangelist among the deaf community. They had many questions young lady...Why did God make me deaf? answer..maybe so she can be used to be a comfort to other deaf with her compassionate spirit. One young man told of how when he was born his parents loved him until they found out he was deaf. They then threw him out in the street. The Catholic church found him and raised him. When he was older he was then raised by the UPC church there. He told his story with such sadness and loss it broke my heart. I tried to encourage him by telling him that he could be thankful he ended up in such a good place where people loved him and that he could learn the truth of God's word. It was a wonderful experience there with the deaf. My heart loves them so..I pray God continues to help them grow in Him.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Recap

Well today has been a good day once again.  Everyone went out to preach at different churches and all reports of the services were excellent.  Pastor's preaching is always so demonstrative and today was no different as he smeared anointing oil all over himself and his face.  After the services we went to Bishop and Sis. Stewart's house for another great meal and we were able to leave about 15 bags of stuff for them to distribute to the people.  As we have been sitting here in the airport waiting to board the flight we have seen some interesting things.  Bro. Mic Applegate caught a live bug and as Sis. Applegate was videotaping the bug the entire airport was staring.  One lady even come over for a closer look.

Sunday - Saturday Recap

We are now sitting in the Roberts International Airport in Liberia waiting to board our plane to Abidjan, Ivory Coast and then continuing to Brussels, Belgium.  Yesterday was a great day at the dedication of the church in Unification Town or as they call it here in Liberia Smell No Taste.  The name originated in World War II when the Americans had a base there and the Liberians could smell the food from the mess hall but could not taste it.
The service was really great as Pastor Wilmoth preached a powerful, powerful message on the church being a House of Prayer.  It was interesting that it began to pour down rain outside and the rain made it very difficult to hear what was going on.  God did a great work anyway.  Then they fed us some fish with rice and a very good and spicy sauce that a couple of us were not brave enough to try.  At the end of the service Bro. Arnett spoke a few words on teamwork. After he was finished speaking he gave the pastor of the church his bible. The pastor was very happy to receive it and the church also gave Bro. Arnett a very beautiful white Liberian shirt.
As we headed back to the hotel there was some road construction and they redirected us off of the road onto the shoulder.  There were a lot of people which caused a traffic jam
 and we were stuck in traffic for at least an hour.  As we sat it was interesting to see how loaded the people here in Liberia load there vehicles.  There was one jeep-like SUV that was so loaded down on top of the vehicle that it was a wonder it didn't tip over.  Especially since the shoulder of the road was so bumpy and uneven.  The guys were crammed into a little Mitsubishi van and the only way it wasn't like a free sauna in there was every window in the van was open as much as it could be.  Then it began to pour so all the guys were trying to close their windows but only enough to keep us from being soaked because otherwise we would have lost a lot of weight.... in sweat at least.  The good thing was that by this time we were almost at the hotel so it wasn't for very long.


We had our morning devotion with Bro. Nathan leading our devotion while Sister Ford and Sis. Applegate went to the school and taught the deaf children a quick lesson, and Sister Ford gave her testimony which really inspired the children to set higher goals in life, and with Christ Jesus they can do anything that they set their minds to. We prayed, signed some songs and then had our photo taken with them and then back to the hotel to meet up with others to go to the Farm.

At the Farm we were greeted by the the children and led into the building where they had a scripture shower. Those children can quote scriptures and they can pray. Not just simple prayers but powerful prayers. We had a puppet show for the children and taught them the Na Na song. They loved the puppets and the songs.

We headed back to eat lunch and then got ready for the last night of the crusade.

The crusade was powerful as 1,024 were filled with the Holy Ghost on this last night of the crusade. Pastor Wilmoth and Bro. Brandon preached the word of God. The team then went and began to lay hands on people and see God fill them with the Holy Ghost. The weather was wonderful on this night as it had been all week long. What has been interesting about the weather is that every single night that we have been here it has rained and it has not been unbearably hot.

Here's what happening!

Sorry that we have not been able to blog but our Internet connection has been very slow and we've been unable to connect.

On Wednesday Bro's Ray and Kyle had to get up early since they were going to ministering at the Christian Academy. There were over 1000 students at the school. Bro. Benda said that they were used by God in a great way!

On Wednesday night at the crusade there was a mighty move of God! The team of Bro.'s Ray, Nathan, Mike and Sis.'s Brenda, Rose, LaVern, Missy ministered in music. Others on the team became the service intercessors for the preaching. Bro. Garza was mightily used by God in preaching as he prepared the people for the word of God from Bro. Brandon! At the conclusion of the service there were over 319 that received the Holy Ghost! What a great victory!

Thursday morning started with Bro. Garza teaching at the Bible College! The reports were wonderful! Bro. Kyle and Bro. Eric both ministered in the chapel! The reports were great of their preaching (The team was excited about Bro. Kyle stepping out and ministering. He said it felt so natural! God is working in his life!).
During the afternoon part of the team began to journey to Bomi Hills to visit the Temas orphanage. They were so excited! But the first thing you need to know about Liberia is that things can change at anytime at a moments notice! Just as they got to the one lane bridge the bridge became closed by an accident! It's amazing that no one was hurt! But the bridge was closed and it was impossible to continue to the orphanage! So we had to turn around and go back! Thank you, JESUS, for your protection on us and those who are on the road. Another miracle that will be relayed with emotion by all who were there.

During the evening service it was powerful as Bro. Eric and Bro. Nathan spoke for a few moments before the preaching of the word. 609 were filled with the Holy Ghost and over 400 are desirous of being baptized in Jesus name. God did a huge miracle as it began to rain in the early portion of the service. We prayed for the rain to stop and it immediately stopped! If you looked up you could see that the clouds had moved out. The very moment service was over,and mind you we had a long altar, we had just enough time to make it back to the truck as it began to pour.

The entire Crusade was filled with the miraculous hand of GOD. Any doubt of our GOD hearing and answering prayer should be wiped away from any thought!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 4 & 5

Monday morning we met for a powerful time of devotion and prayer lead by Bro. Kyle and Bro. Garza. After the devotion we were informed that Monday would be the only day for shopping so Bro. AB picked up the group and took them downtown. The road conditions have improved in some areas, which makes the trip a little easier. All of the men rode in the camper shell of the truck while the ladies piled into the cab of the truck. Bro. Eric was glad that the men would be getting the experience of riding in the back of the truck. Unfortunately the police pulled us over because we had 4 people in the front seat, which is crazy when you consider you see people with their cars overloaded with people hanging out the window. I guess they now have a law in effect that says that everyone in the front seat has to have a seatbelt on. Bro AB had to negotiate his way out of the ticket. Everyone had a great time for African clothing and buying their souvenirs. Everyone was able to see the Palms Hotel, the hotel that the group had stayed at before, this group is very glad for the change in Hotel and location.

After a long day of shopping we headed to the Stewart’s house. Sis Stewart had a lovely meal ready for us. Everyone is enjoying her Ethiopian cooking! After dinner the rain started pouring down and they had to turn off the generator because of the lightning. We sat and listened to Bro. Stewart tell stories about the war in Liberia and all that happened to him and his family. It was a great time of learning. Before we left we had a prayer meeting with a great outpouring of the Spirit. What a great sign as to what was to come at the crusade on Tuesday night.

Tuesday we started with our morning devotion, Sis. Garza lead worship and Sis. Josie taught. What a great lesson and move of God. Pastor and Bro. Garza were at the Bible College teaching and preaching. We were all picked up for lunch at the Stewart’s and again Sis. Stewart prepared a great meal. Thank God for a great woman of God that is willing to work so hard to feed so many people.

Tuesday evening was the first night of the crusade. It was awesome to see the hundreds of Liberian people that came out to the soccer field to hear the word of God. Sis. Rose lead prayer for the offering, Sis Brenda played the keyboard for a group to sing a song, Sis. Garza gave a greeting to the congregation, and we danced and worshiped until the power of God came down. Pastor Wilmoth and Bro. Brandon preached the word of God increasing peoples faith and there were 57 people that claimed to receive the Holy Ghost and twice as many people claimed healing. Thank you Jesus!!!

The weather at the crusade was great! There was a nice breeze blowing the whole night. About an hour or two after the service was over the rain came pouring down. Thank God for allowing the rain to wait until after the service. There have been people praying about the weather and God has proven faithful and the weather has been better than expected. It has been hot and humid but not nearly as bad as we have expected.

Tonight we are expecting an even greater outpouring of the Holy Ghost! Please continue to pray for our team and for the Liberian people to receive the Holy Ghost!